I grew up in Lancaster, PA. I never appreciated the beauty of Lancaster County until well into my adulthood. Its rolling hills, hip city, colonial architecture, rich history, and of course, the Amish, make this place a captivating place to live. I met my husband here (in first grade), raised my children here, and they are raising their children here. 

Somewhere in this growing up in Lancaster, not soon enough, but at just the right time, Christ became real to me. Not soon enough because I think I wasted many years not elevating Him in my life. At just the right time because His timing is perfect, and because my life before has fed my testimony now. God has given me much to write about. 

I am a teacher. I love to write that sentence. I have taught for thirty-four years now, mostly in public school, but most recently in a private Christian school. My prayer in public school every morning was to be Christ to my students, even though talking about Him was forbidden.  My prayer is the same in Christian school, but now I can openly share Christ in my classroom! I began a special needs program at Dayspring Christian Academy in Lancaster. It is called the P139 Program, after Psalm 139:14. God's principle of individuality is displayed in every one of my students. My goal is to elevate Christ in everything I teach them, and in their special needs, as well. 

I am a wife and mother. I love to write that sentence even more. I have been married to Steve for 32 years, though I've known him for over 50. We have raised two biological children, Michael, married to Alison, and Claire, married to Matt. We have also raised our adopted daughter, Jacqueline, who has chosen to return to her biological family. Adopting Jackie catapulted my desire to elevate Christ in everything, and my desire to write down and share what Christ has done in our lives.                                               

I am a grandmother. This is the best sentence of all. The current count is six, Melanie, Judah, Adalie, Elena, Levi, and Elliot. Yes, Christ is sufficient, but boy, oh boy, are grandchildren at the top of the best earthly gifts list!

My goal is to elevate Christ and to edify others. So I pray for humble confidence in my calling to write what I know to be true: God is good. His Word is true. He is enough.