We had a rough week two weeks ago.  A seriously rough week. It was the kind of week that led me to question God and to wonder where in the world He had gone.  I related to the psalmists who lamented their souls were downtrodden, their bones were broken, and their hearts were troubled.

During the course of that week, however, God demonstrated His love for me in very specific ways. First, through a careful reading of Psalm 77, He taught me that when things seem very bleak, and He is remaining silent, I should remember who He is, what He has done, and to stand on His promises because I know that they are true. He never changes. He is not fickle and He does not intervene based on His mood at the moment. His goal is always to refine me, not to harm or discourage me.

The second thing He showed me is that when He is silent, it is a form of love for me. He is not only testing me to see where I’ll turn when I am discouraged, He is also letting me know that He thinks I am ready for an even bigger revelation that He is about to show me. He is telling me, “I’m here, you know I’m good, and nothing has changed since you were on the mountain and hearing Me clearly. Seek Me, cling to Me. Trust Me, and you will see even greater things! ”

Remember in John 11 when Jesus found out that Lazarus was sick? He could’ve run to Lazarus’ home and cured him immediately. Instead, He waited two days. Martha was distraught, not comprehending why Christ waited and allowed her brother to die. But by being silent for a time, Christ was able to show His glory by performing an even bigger and more magnificent miracle!