When my children were little, and we would come across some natural beauty in the world-a sunset, the ocean, a scenic view-I would ask them, "What is God?." They would respond, "A good artist!." I never wanted them to forget for a moment the author and the origin of beauty. I was reminiscing about this recently, and realized that this description of God is not enough. It's lacking. Though it is sweet and true, it falls woefully short. God is a good artist. He is the author and origin of beauty.  But it's more than that. After all, Monet was a good artist. So was my Aunt Helen. Thoreau and Shakespeare were authors of beauty. Saying God is something, sets Him up against a comparison. It places Him in categories shared by men. This is why, when Moses asked God what His name was at the burning bush,  God called Himself "I AM." Describing God in terms of adjectives is too small, too limiting. God is a Noun! A Proper Noun. I wish there was a Super Proper Noun!  You really just can't capture it! Christ is the resurrected Son.  Yes, but even more, He is the Resurrection. God is wise. Epically true, but that is because He is Wisdom. He is all knowing, peaceful, powerful, comforting, creative, saving, truthful, beautiful, life-giving, and loving. Of course He is, because He is Knowledge, Peace, Power, Comfort, Creativity, Salvation, Truth, Beauty, Life, and Love. He is also the Way. He IS. He defies description. He transcends adjective status. He simply IS. There is nothing apart from Him. Nothing. It's not just that we can accomplish nothing without Him. There simply is nothing without Him. So when I consider that the Great I AM stooped down to this dirty, dim, corrupted habitat to bring us to Himself so we could be right along with Him, I identify, face to the ground, with Isaiah, who cried, “Woe to me! I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips!"  I am eternally grateful to and in love with I AM!